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Foot Protection


Goals:  This safety session should teach employees to:

  • Understand job-related foot hazards
  • Know how to select footwear that will protect feet from injury

Feet are subject to many types of skin disease, cuts, punctures, sprains, fractures, and other maladies. In the workplace, your feet are also subject to workplace hazards, including falling objects and punctures. Foot protection is guarding your toes, ankles, and feet from injury. One industry study of workers who suffered foot injuries showed that less than 25 percent were wearing safety shoes or boots at the time of the accident.

This safety module also includes:

  • Foot Protection Quiz & Answers
  • Certificate of training completion
  • Attendee roster

Email jaimeeg@insspecialtygroup.com for information on how to Purchase.

 Only  $20.00
Foot Protection
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