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Workplace VIolence


Goals: This safety session should teach employees to:

  • Be aware of the potential sources of workplace violence
  • Know techniques to reduce the possiblity of violent incidents

Workplace violence has emerged as a critical safety and health hazard affecting all employees. While workplace violence was once confined to a few specific industries, it now affects all businesses and governmental entities of every size and type. Recent studies have shown that workplace violence affects one out of every four full-time American workers each year. It is the leading cause of occupational death for women and the third leading cause of occupational death for all workers. Workplace violence claims more lives each year than AIDS and drunk driving combined. It costs industries over $4 billion a year and it is the fastest growing crime being tracked by the FBI. All workplaces are at risk for violence of one type or another. Some workplaces, especially service organizations, are at greater risk than others.


This module also includes:

  • Help Keep Violence Out of the Workplace
  • Workplace Violence quiz & answers
  • Certificate of Training Completion
  • Attendee Roster

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Workplace Violence
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