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Things To Do For A Safe Workplace

  • Offer employees a share of insurance premium reductions which results from a reduced number of accidents. 
  • Match the applicant carefully to the job.  Test their skills and physical abilities.
  • Install alarm systems for theft, entry and fire purposes.
  • Make sure that all threats of violence are reported and investigated immediately.
  • Maintain a first aid cabinet, post first aid information, including fire, police, and ambulance numbers, and a poster on how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 
  • Comply with all federal and State OSHA IIPP requirements.
  • Comply with all hazardous materials reporting requirements, including identification of hazardous sustances.
  • Clearly mark and keep clear all your exits, aisles, and passages.  Provide stairs with slip resistant surfaces, handrails, and proper lighting. 

The learn more about Hr that Works and keeping a safe workplace.  Contact Renae Eidenshink renaee@insspecialtygroup.com or Greg Tate gregt@insspecialtygroup.com for more information. 


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