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South Dakota Pay as You Go Work Comp

Traditionally companies purchase worker compensation insurance and have to pay large up front costs for the policy typically 25% down. Then a payment plan is worked out for the rest of the years premium, at the end of the year the payroll is audited and the account is adjusted based on the estimated payroll.

Companies have been caught off guard and had to pay in thousands of dollars for past years under estimated payroll premium. If your company has an unexpected growth in payroll you could be looking at a large bill to close out that year. Then there is a 25% down for the next year.  if you anticipate a down sizing in payroll the insurance company holds your money until the audit at the end of the premium year. What a viscous cycle!!!

Look at a true Pay As You Go system,

  • No money down for the workers' compensation premium
  • No audit
  • Premiums are paid on actual payroll not estimates
  • Better cash flow management allows you as a business owner to
    keep more of your money longer and make it work for you.

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